Monday, July 04, 2011

Recognizing God

Psalm 27:13 (NKJV) 13 I would have lost heart, unless I had believed That I would see the goodness of the Lord In the land of the living.

God has really talked to me about recognizing him in every moment. He has said to me "like a blind man believes and then he sees, look for Me (God) in every moment".  He then led me to Psalm 107. This psalm lists all the wonderful things God was doing for His children (Israel) and closes with this this final verse, Psalm 107:43, "Whoever is wise will observe these things, And they will understand the loving kindness of the Lord."

If we really want to understand the true love of God we have to see Him working in our lives. He will show Himself if you are looking for Him.

One night recently I was babysitting one of my grandsons, just me and my grandson as my wife was away. I was writing a book during that time.  One night I woke up as revelation was pouring into my heart and I had to add it to the book that I was writing.  As it turned out I only managed to sleep probably less than an hour that night. As morning came along I decided to pray that God would refresh me for the busy day I had planned and make up for the missing sleep. I suddenly remembered that I also had to prepare my grandson and take him to daycare and I was going to need extra time.

I decided that I was going to need God's help in getting my grandson ready. I prayed that God would have my grandson ready early too.  It was amazing how my grandson who was 3 years old gave me complete co-operation.  The next thing I know, my grandson had his boots and jacket on and was at the door waiting. All this he did on his own. We were about 45 minutes early which was about the time we had to leave. He had never initiated this before or even since.  He normally doesn't like leaving grandma and grandpa's house so he normally waits until we tell him to start getting ready.

God revealed Himself to me through my grandson.

A good friend of mine at church had a situation with his car. He felt that the problem was caused by something called a "map sensor".  He was sitting in his mothers office and thought he should pray to God to confirm his diagnosis. When he was done praying he sat back in his chair and looked up. In front of him was a map, to his right was a map, to his left a map and behind him a map. God put him at the right place at the right time to pray and gave him his answer. He replaced the map sensor and fixed his car.

My friend saw the presence of God in his surroundings.

My Pastor recently purchased a new pickup truck. A whole series of events took place during this purchase but the one thing that stuck with me was when he went to buy a canopy for it.  Just the right canopy was made available at a really good price (almost half off),  It wasn't so much the price that made an impact but deal got even better for both the buyer (my Pastor) and the seller (the manufacturer).

These canopies where custom made.  My Pastor went to order it and gave the dimensions he required. He explained that he also wanted a special metallic black paint. The manufacturer just happened to have one that was ordered for someone else and it was made to the wrong size.  It just happened that it was the right size for my pastor. It was also already the metallic black that would match his new truck.

My Pastor saw God in his situation. The full story is available to listen to at the Loft Ministries website.The sermon was titled "The Holy Spirit Guides Us" March 6, 2011.

God talks to each one of us in different ways at different times. You really must have a personal relationship with God to understand his loving kindness. Look for God in everything, when you learn to recognize Him you will have a greater understanding of how amazing He is.

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