Monday, March 11, 2013

Knowing God

Daniel 11:32 (NKJV), "The people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits."

I know Jesus on a personal level. I have discovered Him to be an amazing friend. He never makes me feel bad when I have done wrong. I can talk to Him about anything. I can share every moment of my life with Him---even the un-holy part. He continually gives me encouragement and even praise. I do not have to hide anything from Him. He will never cause me harm and is always there to defend me if I need it.

Jesus has all the attributes of a best friend. I am not the slightest bit surprised---He created best friends. This revelation brought Him into everything I do. I am in constant fellowship with Jesus. I have gotten to know Him as my best friend.

I thank God for all my good friends; they are a gift from Him. I am especially thankful for this friendship. I am friends with God who created time space and matter (Ge. 1:1, Jn 1:1-3, 14).

The first nineteen years as a Christian, I knew of God but did not know Him personally. I thought I did. I said I did. However, I really did not. I acknowledged Him in church on Sunday. I often prayed during the week. I declared He was my Savior, but it really was not personal.

God never leaves His children. He is omnipresent. If you do not grasp this, most of the time you will turn your back on Him. You would not ignore a good friend that much if you realized they were with you. I began to acknowledge His continual presence. I began to have communion with Him, on my own. After a little time, I began to recognize Him and He began to change me.

Without His personal friendship, I was the weakest of the weak. I had addictive behaviors and I struggled to do right. The more I recognize His presence, the more He infiltrates my being. My weaknesses have become my strengths. I become like the friend I spend the most time with.

I love Jesus---He is my best friend!

Be Blessed.

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