Monday, October 21, 2013

Greatly Loved

1 John 4:19 (AMP)  We love Him, because He first loved us.

I recently began a new endeavor that takes me out of town for extended periods of time. One of the first things I like to plan for my days back home is time with my grandchildren. On this little break, I picked up my five year old grandson for a sleepover. Since I have not had as much time with him as usual, I felt like spoiling him.

I needed to pick up some items at a department store. While I was there, I bought my grandson a toy police car. Then we went out for a bite to eat. My grandson decided to take his new toy car in to play with. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him as he narrated a scene where his toy police car chased a bad guy. Var-room var-room, screech and the sound of a siren---he was really enjoying his new toy. However, on the way out, he accidently dropped his new toy. Some pieces broke off and the paint got scratched.

I decided to go buy another one. When my grandson realized I was going back to the store, he was quite excited. To me it was not a big deal. I could see the broken heart and I really enjoy seeing my grandchildren happy.

While we were at the store, I remembered some other items and did some more shopping. I somehow put something in the cart I did not need. While at the cashier, I realized I had the extra item and asked the girl if she would like me to run it back, since it was within sight of where we were. She said sure, so I went to put the item back while she rang in the rest of my items.

When I returned to the cashier, she gave me a big smile. I figured it was for putting the item back and saving someone else the trouble. On our way out of the store, my grandson said he told the cashier about coming back for the toy---that is why she smiled. It turns out, this was a really big deal for my grandson. Throughout the evening, he thanked me several times and kept telling me how much he loved me.

I had great pleasure in buying my grandson the replacement toy---even greater pleasure when I realized how special it was to him. I did it because I love him, this caused the love in him to come out even more.

I believe the people who love the most, are people who know they are greatly loved. You will notice in our verse at the top, the word Him is in italics. This is because that word was not in the original text. God loved us first so we can love!

Be blessed.

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